YouTube help

Subscribing to YOU EAT WHAT I COOK YOU on youtube is the most efficient way to get guaranteed home delivery of all of Primo and Secondo's recipes!

It's a little tricky, so here's how it's done:


1. Go to the YOU EAT WHAT I COOK YOU channel.
2. Move your cursor over the SUBSCRIBE button,
which will turn green upon hover.
3. Click and you are SUBSCRIBED.
4. Hover your cursor over the button one more time.
It should change to a maroon colored button saying "Unsubscribe". Be patient....don't click yet!
5. A White Pop Up Box will magically appear with two options. Check each box.

That's it! Easy-Breezy, No Fuss, No Muss!

*Don't forget; the more you "like", "comment" and "share" videos, the better we can keep serving up healthy heaping portions of extended yummy-osity for you!

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