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YOU EAT WHAT I COOK YOU isn't just about home style Italian food. The preparation of food is just a delivery system of history, humor, wisdom, generosity, but most importantly the love we feel and the love we must share. "The Largest Virtual Dinner Party On Earth's" theme is simple: It's about making new friends and connecting with old ones, sharing the gifts we all have with each other.

Being part of our extended family means you gotta chime in and chip in with your own special gifts and energy! Passively snoozing on the couch after a meal with your pants unbuttoned is allowed, but it certainly isn't encouraged.

A party just isn't a party without lively dinner conversation, jokes, tall tales, family folklore, and everybody's personal "news of the day" (plus a random drunk Uncle that ends up wearing a lampshade as a party hat!). So here is our promise and guarantee: Every email gets personally answered by Primo and Secondo. We want to answer every question, consider every suggestion, try out your favorite family recipes, and share your photos with all of our guests. We want to make YOU EAT WHAT I COOK YOU the best interactive virtual party experience for you. As Poppa Primo says, "Ya Get Outta Life Whatchya Put Into It... Spice it up an' don't fear da peppah. It's GOOD fer ya!"

Grab your knife and fork, put on your party hat and your dancing shoes, and get clickin' on some of the options below:


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Write Us Write Us "The Largest Revolving Virtual Dinner Party On Earth" thrives on your special gifts and energy, so here is our promise and guarantee: Every Email gets personally answered by Primo and Secondo. We want to get to know all of our guests, so don't be afraid to correspond. We welcome it!

Would you like to share a special recipe with us? Do you have ideas and suggestions? Your energy and feedback FUELS the party.